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I had heard of Royal Coatings through another contractor, that I have a lot of dealings with. I heard nothing but good things. I decided to go with Royal Coatings on a larger commercial project. I was so impressed with their work and professionalism. Since then, I have grown a strong relationship with them. I do not even think about using another painting company. I know that I will be getting fair pricing, the necessary manpower, and the paint scope completed on schedule. If I have a project, then Royal Coatings is painting it.

Kyle H., Project Manager, Lenexa, Ks

My name is Ken Eisenbeis and I am the Project Manager for Banner Property Management, LLC in our St. Louis Region that consists of multi-family properties in St. Louis, Mo, Lenexa, Ks, Plano, Tx, Columbus, Oh, & Charlotte, Nc.


In the past 4 years I have hired Royal Coatings to paint the full exteriors and wood rot repairs of a 400 unit property in Plano, Tx, called Riachi@ONE21 and a 434 unit property in Lenexa, Ks called Meadows Apartment.


 At both of these properties Royal Coatings were responsible for painting a 2 & 3 color scheme over stucco and hardy sided buildings which included the full trim package and doors as well.

On both of these projects their crews did a fabulous job in a very timely manner and the cleanup was taken care of promptly each and every day without any complaints from the residents or the on site management team.

There were no overrun cost issues for either projects and the Lenexa, Ks project, Royal Coatings had to use two coats of paint on the stucco with no extra charges even thought the scope of work called for one coat of paint.

Royal Coatings always does a great job on communicating with me and the site as well as notifying the property residents of the schedules.

I am looking forward to working with Royal Coatings again this spring on a full exterior painting project at a 271 unit property in Charlotte, Nc.

I did my due diligence on this company before starting anything with them and all of their references had nothing but good things to say with no complaints.

Ken E., Project Manager for Banner Property Management, LLC., 

Integrity and quality are the first two words that come to mind when I think of Royal Coatings. With 25 years in the construction and re-construction industries. I have learned when it comes to projects, you can usually obtain two of the three desired results; Good, fast, or affordable. With Royal Coatings, we have been able to achieve all three.

Mike M., Director of Construction, NKC, Mo

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