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Why Our Clients Choose & Stay With Us

  • We are accountable, personable, and dedicated to our clients and their projects.
  • We promise a complete & quality finish, within a suitable timeline.
  • We have experience and longevity in the industry.
  • Our buying power with our supplier's allows us to have  competitive pricing.

Kyle H.

Project Manager, Lenexa, Ks

I had heard of Royal Coatings through another contractor, that I have a lot of dealings with. I heard nothing but good things. I decided to go with Royal Coatings on a larger commercial project. I was so impressed with their work and professionalism. Since then, I have grown a strong relationship with them. I do not even think about using another painting company. I know that I will be getting fair pricing, the necessary manpower, and the paint scope completed on schedule. If I have a project, then Royal Coatings is painting it.

Mike M.

Director of Construction, NKC, Mo

Integrity and quality are the first two words that come to mind when I think of Royal Coatings. With 25 years in the construction and re-construction industries. I have learned when it comes to projects, you can usually obtain two of the three desired results; Good, fast, or affordable. With Royal Coatings, we have been able to achieve all three.

John C.

Project Manager, KC, Mo

“Working with Royal Coatings, makes my job & life easier. Having one company hang drywall, finish it, & provide the finish paint coat improves the quality management of the final construction product. They are engaged in the project, they communicate very well with our team, and have the resources to get the job done on time.”
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