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Royal Coatings has partnered with Nanotech Materials on their Cool Roof Coating. This is a green technology building product and we’re excited to be a certified installer & distributor for the Midwest region.

How the Technology Works

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The Nanotech Cool Roof Coat is an acrylic polymer designed to extend the life of existing roofs by a minimum of ten years. Our competitors primarily rely on reflectivity to calculate energy savings. Our breakthrough technology is different. The Nanotech Cool Roof Coat works by emitting 94% of the heat away from the roof while simultaneously leveraging the lowest thermal conductivity on the market to stop heat transfer through the roof. Developed through fireproofing technology, our technology can cut HVAC use by up to 45%!

Emits Heat Away + Reflects Wavelengths + Virtually Stop Heat Transfer = Up To 45% Lower Energy Cost

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  • What types of roofs can Nanotech Cool Roof Coat go on?
    Nanotech is designed for application on commercial roof systems. Those include single ply membrane roofs (TPO/PVC, EPDM), Modified Bitumen, Built Up Roof (BUR), & metal. It is not intended for application on residential roof systems, like asphalt shingle, wood shake, and tile.
  • Can all commercial buildings with these types of roofing systems receive Nanotech Cool Roof Coat?
    Yes, both new & older commercial roof systems beyond their original warranties are acceptable. Nanotech Cool Roof Coat is a practical roof coating for buildings of multiple stories & will be cheaper than going with a TPO overlay or reroof. But for the optimal return on investment, we recommend using on buildings 4 stories tall or less.
  • There are other cool roof coating products on the market already, what makes Nanotech Cool Roof Coat different?
    Not all cool roof coatings are created equal! Nanotech Cool Roof Coating was developed through fireproofing technology. From this formula, Nanotech performs like no other roof coating on the market. Most other roof coatings can only rely on reflectivity to calculate energy savings. Nanotech Cool Roof Coat matches existing reflectivity ratings, but the separation comes from our product having the highest emissivity (emits heat away from a substrate) and the lowest thermal conductivity on the market. As a result, our coating demonstrates a much greater performance in energy savings than our leading industry competitors. Usually seeing a 30-45% reduction in HVAC costs. If Energy Tax Credits/Benefits are not being applied, our product pays for itself within 3-4 years. No other product has a return on investment (ROI) like ours.
  • What is Nanotech Cool Roof Coat?
    Nanotech Cool Roof Coat is an acrylic polymer product born from fireproofing technology. With a Best in Class water permeance and water swelling rating, Nanotech Cool Roof Coat acts & protects like a silicone product, but with the durability of an acrylic. It mechanically bonds with roof substrate as it cures and can extend the life of existing commercial roofs by 10 years while simultaneously dramatically reducing HVAC usage with the building.
  • My current commercial roof has some years on it & we have some problematic areas causing some leakage points. It has me considering a tear off reroof project or an overlay roof project. How can Nanotech Cool Roof Coat help?
    Nanotech Cool Roof Coating can save your current roof system and your budget! Most tear off/reroofing projects will cost between $15-18 per square foot and will also force the closure of your building while the job is handled. An overlay projects cost from $7-10 per square foot. Nanotech Cool Roof Coat can be budgeted around $4-6 per square foot and will not impact your day-to-day operations inside your building. After our detailed cool roof inspection, we will be able to identify & address problematic roof issues prior to applying our Nanotech Cool Roof Coat. With Nano Shield’s unparalleled performance we can easily mitigate most issues. Please contact us for a free, cool roof certified inspection of your roof.
  • What is included in the free, cool roof inspection?
    Our team will visit your site for free and conduct a detailed point inspection on the interior & exterior of your building. From that inspection process, we will identify problem areas, make sure your roof is a viable candidate for Nanotech Cool Roof Coat, and then we will use that inspection report to generate a formal proposal.
  • How can I schedule a Cool Roof Inspection?
    Please call or you can request one through our contact form on our website.
  • I have Nanotech Cool Roof Coat on my commercial roof, now what?
    Enjoy your immediate energy savings and weather tight roof! Nanotech Cool Roof Coat has a Limited 10-year Warranty. Your certified Nano Shield installer will need to conduct an annual, free roof inspection for the next 10 years. At the 10-year mark, your certified installer & you can decide to apply another single coat of Nanotech Cool Roof Coat to the existing roof. This additional coat will carry another Limited 10-year Warranty for the roof. Your certified installer will need to continue annual roof inspections for warranty purposes. The yearly roof inspections are free with the purchase of Nanotech Cool Roof Coat.
  • Can Nanotech Cool Roof Coat be purchased direct for self-application?
    Currently, Nanotech can only be purchased & applied by a Nanotech certified partner. Please check to see the national list & map of certified partners.
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